Young people coming from the welfare system are first and foremost people, like all of us. People with often dramatic stories, with hard lives, who need perhaps more care and acceptance than any of us. Instead of being accepted, however, most of the time, they are marginalized and discriminated against.

Change can start with each one of us. When we meet a young person who grew up in a foster care center, we can look at him as an ordinary person. Instead of turning our backs on it, we can open our hearts. Instead of avoiding it, we can be curious to learn its story.

If you are preparing to exit the child social protection system, you are 18 years old and you want a job, search here.

If you are a company and you are looking for young people at the beginning of the journey, post your job offer here.

You can be an architect of good deeds!

We are looking for partners among companies in building a better future for young people from vulnerable backgrounds. Be a driver of change, show your colleagues what social responsibility really means and involve them in charitable actions.

We believe that real social change is much more tangible when the NGO environment and the business environment work together, building solid and long-lasting partnerships. Contribute to rewriting the stories of young people from vulnerable environments with the non-profit organization The Social Incubator and donate to the association’s account.